Great news! The dangerously double-sized first issue, along with all of our glorious PATHS Kickstarter loot, is shipping on Saturday. Hooooray!

If you’re a US-based KS backer, expect your package by the end of next week. For those of you wonderful international PATHS backers out there, give it two weeks. Here’s a quick shot of the loot pile so you can see what’s headed your way:


At the bottom there is the huge 24″x 36″ poster, and then from left to right we’ve got the 11″ x 17″ art print, the double-sided bookmarks, the double issue, and the Ibis and Lotus logo stickers. Not pictured are the two T-shirts, which came out great. Sorry, I already packaged them all before this shot!

More good news about the double issue: as a bonus to all of our supporters (we originally hoped to ship in time for Christmas), we’ve loaded the book with six pages of extras, including concept art, covers, and pinups. That means everyone, regardless of tier level, will receive a hefty 56-page issue!

It’s been a loooong year working on the Prologue issue, the Kickstarter and the double-issue, and we can’t wait to finally get this beauty in your hands. When you give it a read, please let us know what you think!


It’s a Wrap!

“From nothing, the mind… comes forth!
-Lenwood King

Drum roll please as I prepare to flip the switch on 250 strands of lights — 100 individual bulbs per strand — for a graaand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights!

The dangerously double-sized first issue of PATHS — all 55 pages (including covers) of our glorious time-hopping heroine’s journey — is complete! Check out the snazzy cover by Ignacio Corva:


My now five-month-old bundle of joy did a bang-up job destroying our original deadline of late November (while causing me to prematurely age roughly 12 years), but we have finally reached the finish line. Hallelujah!

Better news: if all goes well over the next few days (final tweaks and edits), we’ll be sending a link to download the PDF to all of our Kickstarter backers to unwrap just in time for Christmas!

Given that we’re smack in the middle of the busiest season of the year, we’ve decided to hold off on the print issue and rewards until after the holiday. But don’t fret, we’ll have all of the physical goodies to our amazing supporters as quickly as we can in 2016!

For now, here’s a three page preview I like to call SCANNERS:




Splur-pock is right!

So stay tuned, and for our amazing backers, keep an eye on your inbox. PATHS is coming.

Happy holidays!


On to Letters!

All 22 pages of Chapter 1 are now colored and we’re on to lettering!

Artist Ignacio Corva did some gorgeous work penciling, inking, and coloring these pages, and I know you’ll all love the vibrancy and emotion he brings to this next chapter in our story.

Hey, why not see for yourself!? Here’s a sneak peek at this chapter’s huge two-page spread:


Yep, things get a little hairy after the Prologue. Zing!

Oh, and apologies for the continued drought of posts. My newborn son, Jack, is aptly named. He looks like a little angel, but he’s actually a shape shifting monster — a-la baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles. We’re working on it!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more soon.

We’re on to Colors!

Long time no post!

Apologies for the absence, Paths Clan, but for the past two months I’ve been in Newbornville USA. My wife and I welcomed a son to our own clan on July 18, and it’s been a sleepless blur of diapers and formula ever since. Good news, though, little Jack-Jack’s training is already underway and progressing nicely:


What’s this little Jedi of joy mean to our progress on the next chapter of PATHS? Aside from this site going dark for much longer than usual, we’re still full steam ahead on the book and talented artist Ignacio Corva is right on track to hit our October 9 completion target date. Woot! In fact, all 22 pages are inked and Ignacio has already started with colors. Wooty-woot!

Before I return to Newbornville, here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at our process, from the script to pencils to inks to colors on page one (not final!):

The Script:

PAGE ONE (five panels)

Panel 1. Long establishing shot from above of the NYC Home for Girls. The building is dark. A few cars drive up and down the street. At the corner of the block under a streetlight stands a woman in the cheap, revealing attire of a prostitute.


New York City. Now.

Panel 2. Medium shot from above. We’re looking down at the street corner where the prostitute stands. She’s a huge woman, tall and strong, with long, braided red hair and chunky glasses. She’s looking up and has a hand to her ear.


Repeat that, V. You’ve got eyes on who?



He’s casting a wide cloaking field, but I picked him up on thermals.


And it’s him? You’re sure it’s Simon?

Panel 3. We’ve pulled in closer to V. We can now see she wears the Lotus symbol via a necklace pendant.


A flying, Middle-Eastern man with a face-splitting scar? Yeah, I’m sure.


Milarepa… First Dionne and now Simon. The Simon!

Panel 4. Back to the 1.2 shot as the camera pulls back up and away from V.

V (OP):

I know. Didn’t think he was real – just a story to scare ‘Path kids. But there he is, floating up there like a human kite.

Panel 5. Same shot, pulling back further. V begins walking down the sidewalk. In the top right corner of the panel we can see Simon’s lower legs.


Roger that. We’ve got to find out what they want with that home for girls. For now keep eyes on the prize, I’ll alert Dr. Hewitt.


He moves, you’ll know it – which I hope is soon. I can’t feel my feet in these ridiculous shoes.






page 1-1

A Bird’s-Eye View

Quick update to share a first milestone: the rough pencil layout of the next 22-pages of PATHS is complete!

Artist Ignacio Corva is crushing it and I’m blown away by the results, even at this early stage. I’m so thrilled, I decided to share the love with a special preview: a bird’s-eye view of the entire chapter (click to embiggenize)!


Stay tuned, finished pencils/inks, colors and letters to follow!

In Motion

I’ve always marveled at artists who can put characters in motion. Not simply with motions lines, mind you, but sequential character poses in one frame to create fluid movement. Here’s a perfect example from artist Jim Lee in Batman: Hush:


In PATHS Prologue, I scripted a motion shot when Kaze fought Yoru. It was a tough shot, with some complex moves, and after a couple tries that weren’t quite right, artist Danny Setna opted for a more straightforward shot. Here’s the inked version:


I love how Danny’s page turned out and was expecting a similar shot from artist Ignacio Corva on page 29 — which is essentially a re-creation of Kaze’s fight. Instead Ignacio dug his heels in and produced something pretty fantabulous.

The setup: in the Prologue issue, we learn that Kima, a young woman in modern-day New York City, experiences the life of Kaze, a 13th century Japanese warrior, through her dreams. In the double issue, we’ll discover that those mysterious experiences Kima has in the past also translate to her own abilities in the present. Kima dreamed of Kaze fighting Yoru, and experienced Kaze using his lung gom pa (spirit wind) to move at blinding speeds and defeat the Bandit King. When Kima is unwittingly thrown into a conflict with Mab… well, see for yourself:

page 7

I love seeing Kima in motion — dodging Mab’s haymaker and setting up the clothesline in the same panel. It’s also eye-opening to see how two different artist interpret a script and play to their individual strengths to deliver panels.

Ignacio has completed the rough pencils through page seven, and he’s really crushing it. There are some complex shots with lots of moving parts and he’s done an amazing job thus far with his layouts and visual storytelling. Loving it!

We’re plugging away to get the full issue roughed out before proceeding to inks, colors, and lettering, so I’ll have more roughs to share soon!

We’re Ba-aaack!

Greetings PATHS clan!

Apologies for the lack of communication over the past couple weeks. Our secret hideout, buried deep within a dormant volcano somewhere in the South Pacific, was being renovated. Dust everywhere, contractors polluting the joint with their cigarette smoke and foul language…

Thank Milarepa that’s over! Now we’ve got a fancy new Ops Center, complete with an autonomous (and, honestly, somewhat snarky) AI operating system, our security measures have been upgraded to include jungle cat/canine crossbreeds (ferocious and loyal, though they do seem to have a bit of a self-loathing issue) and we’re finally ready to continue working on our diabolical sequential art machinations.

In short: PATHS is back, baby!

The Kickstarter funding is in and illustrator extraordinaire Ignacio “Nacho” Corva and me, your humble scribe, have already begun work on the next 22 pages of PATHS. And hooo-boy do we have permanent stupid grins on thanks to all the excitement!

What’s that behind my back, you ask with raised brow? What am I hiding? Here, let me show you our…


Page 10_rough

As many of you already know, Ignacio, the colorist on PATHS Prologue, has taken over soup-to-nuts illustration duties for our next chapter, and I wanted to share a first glimpse at what he’ll bring to the table. Above is an early, rough version of page 32 in the book, an advanced-sort-of-thumbnail that demonstrates something I love about Ignacio’s style: expression! In this single page alone we see pleased, solemn, angry, and surprised. Even at this early stage you can see it all, and that artistic skill will be invaluable as Kima and Kaze continue their separate-yet-connected journeys into the world of the PATHS!

This post is also a confirmation that we’ll continue to chronicle our journey, just as we did with the Prologue issue, and provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at our creative process.

So stay tuned! A fantastical sequential art journey awaits!